Bus Palava #chronicleswithshewa

It is safe to say that most of my Mondays are always filled with drama and Monday the  28th of January was not different.

On my way back i entered a bus going back to my house as soon as i entered the man sitting beside me said “welcome ma” i should have know that was the beginning but i just thought he was being polite so i replied with “thank you”. The man took that as a Que to keep talking and he started talking and talking and talking and talking and i am so not exaggerating! He even asked if i loved him! i was like niggurrr… i do not even know your sorry arse!

Next, he said he works with Sanwo-olu and that i could become a commissioner in Lagos state…i almost fainted. This man went on to ask me to pay for his bus fare, Obviously i said NO and collected my change from the conductor, plugged my ears….but the man kept on talking!

At this point, i was willing to come down from the bus and trek even though i had not gotten to my bus stop…when the man yelled “gate wa o!”… the joy in my heart ehn…that was like 3 bus stops from mine. The man came down looked at me and said “see you in heaven!”. i do not even understand what that meant. so that was my experience o. Remember to subscribe for more chronicles and also subscribe to my Youtube channel https://youtu.be/5ZG5M3db2bw that is the link, Thanks.





Chronicles by Shewa

Hi guys!!!

Guess what?!….I am introducing a new segment to this blog and i am super excited about this and its called #chroniclesbyshewa. On this segment, i am going to be basically sharing with you guys my daily experiences from time to time. Lately, i have been sharing some of my experiences on my status on Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram (you can follow me @shewa_luo) and i have been receiving a lot of positive comments and people just started to encourage me to start posting more one of them being Kunlemyk!…Therefore, i just decided to incorporate that into my Blog and it would encourage me to post more frequently! So i want you guys to look forward to this and do not forget to leave a comment and subscribe!


its not too late to say happy new year!

hi guys, its been so long i know..lol… a lot has happened but since this is my first post of the year…HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!

well, i finished school with a good grade…yeah gotta emphasize that ko easy rara! Thank God. i had just been so worried thinking about what to do to make a living now that allowance is out of the equation. one of such thoughts led to this post! i think i had forgotten how to let go and let God.. this year i already have my goals written down but then i keep worrying and trying to understand how i can achieve them all even though i don’t know where to start from. The thing is i gotta just keep trusting him..i mean my worry and fear would not kuku achieve anything. its not as easy as it sounds but its just that simple…lol.

i broke down my goals into bits just to make them less overwhelming and i also got a job that i am getting a little bit of cash from. in all, i think there are still lots of things to be thankful for and there is so much God is definitely gonna do…so for now, i’m gonna just sit tight and let Jesus take the wheels.


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Tired and Excited

hi guys

lately i have been super busy, from writing my project, Assignment, Test e.t.c, to baking cakes and learning under a baker(love ya Abigail)…its been super Hectic…above all my relationship with christ is not so smooth. i have been too lazy to pray and when i have time i would rather watch a movie..lol…

i finally finished my project today and i thought to myself after exams and all..what other excuse are you going to have?…you guys i have just been making excuses!..whew!…i cant wait to just take time off and just seek God’s face…As i leave school, there is a lot i want to do!…but i have to talk to God about every single one of them.

Trust me as i am tired, i am excited about graduating!…seems like yesterday when i was seeking admission, writing my jupeb examinations and now i am writing my final paper this month!.

see you guys in my next post!

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God keeps surprising me

Hey all,

Here is a post i wrote earlier.. i hope you all enjoy it!

It’s been a while…i know…i have been busy..today I went to church for night of worship and it was glorious 🙌🙌. ..i just thank God.

One key thing I learnt today was obedience…obeying God when you have an instruction from him because he has settled everything!..My prayer life just increased at a whole new pace and I am so excited about that!!

So let me tell you guys what I experienced today…During the offering time in Church…i had not prepared my offering like I normally do…so I was left with my transport fare back and some other amount of money and something in me said I should give it out…and after much debate…i gave part of the money as offering as I was calculating how I would go back to school…After the service I met with ifeoma and precious from the TC group chat and they had come with the bus from school and she was like I can join the bus back to school..back to my hostel!!…whew! ..no transport fare wahala…God is just a master planner…He knew I would meet the bus and therefore he asked me to put what I had as offering..if God has laid something in your heart to do and it may even sound ridiculous just know that he has gone ahead of us beyond our understanding to clear the way for us!!

Trust him!!

Back here! !

Hello there,

For a while now I have been finding it so difficult to open this blog but i am so glad I have been able to finally open this page!!…yayy!!..i am a lover of wordpress…lol

Expect everything about God, lifestyle and fun!!..

I will see you all in my next post.

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